McInnis Systems Wins Build Mississippi Award for Electrical Over $5 Million for West Rankin Wastewater Treatment Project

The award was presented by the Mississippi AGC in Biloxi, MS at the annual Build Mississippi Awards ceremony. 

West Rankin Wastewater Treatment Plant is a brand-new wastewater facility supporting all of Rankin County.  West Rankin Wastewater Treatment Plant consists of headworks, biological nutrient removal, clarifiers, waste activated sludge pumps, UV disinfection, biosolid removal, and septage receiving. 

The use of 3D model and robotic layout from the beginning of this project along with the knowledge and experience of the electricians of the IBEW Local 480 enabled McInnis to complete this job with minimal change orders, fewer delays due to RFI’s and minimal reworking of conduits. 

We also want to honor the memory of Bobby Thigpen who was instrumental in the procurement and construction of this project for McInnis.  You are missed dear friend.