About McInnis Systems

About McInnis Systems

McInnis Systems is a preeminent provider of electrical construction services. Our company is a team of highly skilled professionals and craftsmen with the common goal of building quality in electrical construction and communications systems.

It is our commitment to provide this service with the utmost integrity and aggressive performance.  It is our pledge to build lasting relationships with our customers through exceptional performance on their projects. 


It is the policy of McInnis Systems to provide a safe work environment for all its employees.

It is therefore our purpose to:

  • Strive to make all operations safe.
  • Maintain mental and physical health conducive to working safely.
  • Abide by all federal, state and local regulations as they pertain to construction.
  • Apply good sense and safe practices to all jobs.
  • Exercise good judgment in the application of this policy.
  • Protect the public from all hazards which result from our operations.


In our long history, McInnis has followed its customers wherever needed: nuclear power plants from California to Maine and even rewiring the landmark British Colonial Hotel in Nassau, The Bahamas. But the focus of our work remains in Mississippi and the Southeast: the region’s factories, municipal systems, highways, airports, power plants, hospitals, schools, and commercial facilities.

McInnis Systems began as a commercial and residential electrical contractor in 1954.  M & J Electric was founded by Navy veteran Jack McInnis and his partner Glen Jones.  They called on builders during the day and wired houses at night. In 1972, Jack took the commercial side of the business and formed McInnis Electric.

During the seventies, both Jack’s sons, Gary and Glade, joined him, and together they built the business with an emphasis on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.  Eventually Glade took over as the sole proprietor and continued the growth of McInnis Electric by serving their customers and competing in the public bid market.  

McInnis Electric transitioned to McInnis Systems in 2020, as Glade McInnis prepared to pass leadership to Tony Senger.  With the same skilled and dedicated members of the company, McInnis Systems continues to tackle the difficult, complex and sensitive projects that advanced electrical and communication projects bring to the region.


Tamara Barlow

Accounting 601-519-0300 ext. 221

Tamara Barlow is a member of the accounting department at McInnis Systems.  She has been in the accounting field for the past 26 years; 5 with McInnis.  She works so her 19-year-old son can live his best life in Starkville, MS.  She is kept company at home by a 31-pound velociraptor (Corgi) named Kanga.

Patricia Denson

Accounting 601-519-0300 ext. 239

Patricia Denson is a member of the accounting department at McInnis Systems.  She has been working in construction accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll for over 25 years.  She enjoys cooking, reading, and traveling; but her and her husband, Shad, spend the majority of free time chasing their three grandchildren.

John Fortenberry

Field Superintendent 601-519-0300 ext. 234

John Fortenberry is a construction lifer, he has run the field operations at McInnis since the late 90’s. He enjoys hunting and his extensive family.

Adam Gordon

Purchasing Agent 601-519-0300 ext. 243

Adam Gordon is the purchasing agent and warehouse manager for McInnis Systems.  He began working as a material handler five years ago and took over purchasing and warehouse management duties the last two years.  Adam enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with family and friends.  His daughter, Hartlee, is the apple of his eye.

Larry Hamel

Estimator and Project Manager 601-519-0300 ext. 227

Larry Hamel is a Senior (meaning old) Estimator and Project Manager for McInnis Systems.  Larry has been working most of his life starting at Noland Company, a plumbing wholesaler in 1973. He signed up with Glade McInnis in 1981 and continues his employment at McInnis Systems after 40 years of service.  Larry is luckily still married to Delena, his wife of 46 years. They have been blessed with three children and eight grandchildren.  Over the years, Larry has been a hunter, fisherman, golfer, boat captain, motorcycle rider, and still preserves his Baptist upbringing.

Kevin Harthcock

Estimator 601-519-0300 ext. 228

Kevin Harthcock is a Chief Estimator with McInnis Systems.  Kevin began working in the electrical field in 1993 as an electrician.  He joined McInnis’s estimating team in 1995.   When away from the office, Kevin and his wife, Kim, love to travel. Kevin also enjoys cruising in his classic Ford F-100 and playing guitar.

Lisa Hopkins

Estimator 601-519-0300 ext. 225

Lisa Hopkins is an estimator for McInnis Systems.  Lisa has been working in the electrical industry for 25 years.  She began on the supplier side and started with McInnis in 2008.  She has been estimating for the past 5 years.  In her free time, Lisa and her husband, Bryan, both enjoy camping and fishing with their three boys.  She also bleeds purple and gold (GEAUX TIGERS!)

Glade McInnis

Preconstruction Manager 601-519-0300 ext. 242

Glade McInnis is the owner of McInnis Electric, the predecessor to McInnis Systems. He is working with McInnis Systems in the transition to our new era with an emphasis on quality control, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. When retired, he will go home to sit by his pond and watch the seasons change.

Tony Senger

Vice-President 601-519-0300 ext. 236

Tony Senger is an estimator and project manager for McInnis Systems.  He started with McInnis as an electrical apprentice over 20 years ago.  He has been estimating and managing projects for 15 years.  When Tony is not working, he and his wife, Lori, enjoy trying to keep up with their four children and four dogs.  He is also a fan and co-owner of the Green Bay Packers.

Conrad Westbrook

Project Manager 601-519-0300 ext. 238

Conrad Westbrook is a Senior Project Manager for McInnis Systems.  Conrad has over 35 years of electrical and telecommunications experience.  He was an installer for 15 years and has been managing projects for the past 20 years.  In his free time, Conrad enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with family.